Benefit Of Coconut Oil For Skin - Black Clay Soap Pack



Benefit Of Coconut Oil For Skin – Black Clay Soap Pack


Benefit Of Coconut Oil For Skin - Black Clay Soap Pack


Benefit Of Coconut Oil For Skin

About this product:

This pack consists of 4 soaps that are small. The size of each bar is 50 grams.

This is a pack of handmade soaps that are black in color.

It’s made up of natural ingredients and totally free od chemicals.

These soaps are ideal for daily use while taking a bath.

These are organic and natural soaps that provide you silky and smooth skin.

These handmade coconut oil soaps only consist of natural ingredients.

We know that chemicals destroy the skin.

The soap you purchase from the market contain so many chemicals, but this soap is 100% chemical-free.

These soaps also contain a beautiful aroma that makes you smell good.

Many soaps in the market require a specific skin type.

Such as, you can use them on oily skin or on the dry skin only.

You don’t need to worry about your skin type while purchasing these soaps.


The benefit of coconut oil for skin:

The major benefit of coconut oil for skin is that it helps in recovering the inflammation.

It also removes the dryness of the skin and keeps your skin moisturized.

It also can protect the skin from bacteria and contain a treatment for acne.


How to use:

It’s better to use this soap while taking a bath.

During a bath, you’ll apply it on your whole body, so the skin of your whole body can get benefits from it.

You can also use these soaps on your face.

Apply it gently while using it on the face.


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Lye, pure Virgin Coconut Oil with our Tamanu Oil Soap being made from both Virgin Coconut Oil and pure Tamanu Oil.


Product Of Vanuatu


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