Foot Scrub For Shower



Foot Scrub For Shower



About this product:

(2.1 ounces or 60ml)

It is made up of volcanic ash, which is widely used as an exfoliator.

The coconut oil is also present in this foot scrub.

For damaged feet, it is the best treatment of foot care.

This foot scrub for shower is best for your foot.

This made up of natural ingredients that moisturize the skin of your feet and soften it.

It also makes the circulation of blood better, which is very beneficial for your skin.

It is prepared with natural ingredients that don’t harm your skin.

However, you can also gift this free of chemicals product to the person you care for.


Benefits of volcanic ash:

This ash exfoliates the hard skin and purifies the skin; that’s why it is perfect for the purpose of cleansing.

It closes the pores as well, which don’t allow the dust to enter inside the pores.

It also moisturizes the skin of your feet, which enhances the beauty of them.

In short, the volcanic ash present in the foot scrub for shower, which will benefit you in numerous ways.


How to use it?

This is a foot scrub for shower, so use it while taking a shower.

Apply its ashy side on your soles and heels and its soapy side all over the feet.

Then Rub the ashy side gently on your soles and heels to cleanse them.

It will remove all dust and clean the pores.

In addition, after using this product, the beauty of your feet will enhance, and you’ll notice a visible positive change.

So you can purchase this product to get excellent results.

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Pure Coconut Soap, Freshly Squeezed Limes, Cocoa Butter, Potassium Sorbate, Aqua, Volcanic Ash, Organic Coffee, Red Volcanic Clay , Lime Essential Oil & Vanilla Extract.


Product Of Vanuatu


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