Gift Sets For Women? Buy This Tamanu Soap Pack



Gift Sets For Women? Buy This Tamanu Soap Pack

Gift Sets For Women

Gift Sets For Women? Buy This Tamanu Soap Pack

About the product:

(7.05 ounces or 200 grams)

This pack of Tamanu soaps consists of 4 small soaps.

These handmade soaps made up of natural ingredients because the chemicals damage the skin.

These chemical-free Tamanu soaps approximately weight 50 grams each.

It is a proper gift set for women who love to have beautiful skin.


Coconut Oil and Tamanu Soap Pack:

These soaps are one of our Tamanu Oil range, and they’re prepared with coconut oil and Tamanu Oil.

Both natural oils contain so many benefits.

Coconut oil is very helpful in reducing the irritation of the skin.

It also provides moisturizer to the skin, as we know that the dry skin damage more quickly.

So, moisturizer prevents the skin from getting dry.

Coconut oil also saves skin from dangerous bacteria.

It also treats acne and gives you acne-free skin. It is the best gift sets for women.

While Tamanu Oil keeps your skin soft and soothing, it also causes the formation of healthy skin and new tissues.

Tamanu oil also speeds up the skin’s healing process, and it treats acne as well.

There are many other advantages of Tamanu Oil.

So, use these coconut oil soap and Tamanu Oil soap for the betterment of your skin.


Extra Benefits:

These soaps are suitable for all skin types. For instance, you can use it on dry, normal, or oily skin.

This pack comes in a bio-degradable skincare gift box, so you can also gift it to someone.

It is the perfect gift sets for women.


How to use:

Use these soaps during a bath.

When you apply them on your whole body during the bath, then your whole body can get benefit from these soaps.

Always apply gently on your face because the skin of our face is more sensitive as compared to the other body skin.



Lye, Virgin Coconut Oil & Tamanu Oil


Product of Vanuatu


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