Anti Aging Cream - Full Face Care Set



Anti Aging Cream – Full Face Care Set

Anti Aging Cream - Full Face Care Set

Anti Aging Cream – Full Face Care Set

About the product:

(Net Weight: 895 grams)

This face care set contains so many things, such as anti aging cream, face toner, face cleanser, and many others.

We prepare every product with natural ingredients.

As we know that natural ingredients help our skin in healing, and they’re good for our skin while the chemicals damage it.

Therefore, we prepare it with chemical-free ingredients and only use natural ingredients.

This face care pack products contain specialized organic tamanu oil and coconut oil for the finest clear skin.

There are various advantages of both oils, such as they provide moisturizer to the skin.

It also remove dead skin cells, cleanse the skin, provide anti-aging effects, etc.


This Full-Face Care Set Contains:

 12ml Anti-Aging eye cream, including tamanu oil:

This anti aging cream removes dark circles around the eyes and also contains anti-aging properties.

135ml night cream including tamanu oil:

The night cream moisturizes the dry areas of the face. It works very efficiently during the night.

135ml face moisturizer including tamanu oil:

It also prevents skin from getting dry.

60ml clay face mask including tamanu oil:

This face mask pulls all impurities out from your face and makes it refreshing and clean.

60ml pumice and honey exfoliant, including tamanu oil:

It’s an amazing product for your skin made up of natural ingredients.

135ml face toner, including tamanu oil:

This face toner removes dead skin cells and removes the dust from the pores of your skin.

135ml face cleanser, including tamanu oil:

This face cleanser cleans your skin and makes it fresh.


You can get this facial product set in a bio-degradable skincare gift box.

So, you can also gift it to someone, and all these products fit on every skin type.

In addition, It is a very budget-friendly and advantageous face care set.


Product of Vanuatu


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